What’s in it for You?

We make it simple for you to get your marketing business started on the right trajectory with the tools you need, training to use them, and a support system that includes experienced guides and lots of opportunities to create tangible business results.

Collaborate With People Who Care

Decrease Stress

  • Easy-to-use tech info and professional tools
  • Access to simple Do-It-Yourself and Done-With-You training programs
  • Know that you have friends who are actually “in your corner”

Shared Purpose

  • Cultivate business and personal connections
  • Open discussions that will help you advance your business
  • Support available to solve your specific needs and problems

Learn and Grow

  • Live interactive training sessions included in your membership
  • Knowledge Base and self-paced learning area
  • Pro instruction and guidance available

Modern Marketplace

  • Up-to-date, fully vetted offerings
  • Sell your own and/or promote others’ offers to earn commissions
  • Member discount on many products and services

Member Praise


Miriam Tabb, ThroneCoach.com

“I wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Deryck Jones of Marketers LaunchPad. He lovingly, patiently held me by the hand through setting everything up for my business. He continually is a wellspring of knowledge and support that helps me move forward in my business. I appreciate him and know for sure that I made the right decision working with him.”


Charles Spangler, CHSL Media

“Marketers LaunchPad has simplified the process of finding the best apps and procedures to start and run an online business. So many apps are hyped and yet not as easy to use as they sound. Marketers LaunchPad has helped me filter through the noise and invest in my business where it counts the most. The membership is definitely worth it!”


Ann Phifer, Sampson Media

“After more than 30 years in business, I sure thought I knew all of the ins and outs of running a business. Marketers LaunchPad has helped me fix problems I didn’t even know I had—an amazing surprise! Whether you are starting a marketing business or you’ve been at it for some time without success, this just might be the answer you need.”

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Become a Founders Club Member

  • Connect: Get to know people who may become important strategic business partners, affiliates, accountability buddies, and even friends
  • Learn: Weekly community meetings and Q&A sessions cover a variety of topics such as marketing, technology, productivity, mindset, and business
  • Discover: Troubleshoot problems and discuss ideas while drawing from a wealth of resources and experience
  • Grow: Streamline your business with clarity and proven processes, avoid common mistakes, and participate in events designed to help you succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

Trial Members participate in the Blast Off Training, which includes hands-on practice with our professional marketing platform, interactive community events and training, and access to other types of training, with a real person to guide you on your journey. You may wish to check out other free trials of our marketing strategy and local business platforms, too, if it makes sense for you to do so. You will be reminded before your free trial ends and before your credit card is charged $29 for a Charter Membership. When you become a paid Member, you get access to paid instructor-led training with member discount, member business-building events, our free marketing graphics package, and 500 free custom business leads.

No, but there is a reason we use them and recommend them, and we definitely invite you to try them out. When we evaluate tools we consider purpose and future feature roadmap, the types and responsiveness of support, the people who developed it and company reputation, and the price point and real-world value. If you decide you already have something that works better for you or you don't need something, no worries, we'll still help you. We are always scanning the horizon for new tools to evaluate, and we may add and recommend other tools to meet specific needs to help you be successful, when appropriate.

Nada. Nothing at all, unless you want to. Your membership already includes the community forum where you are encouraged to ask and answer questions for each other, lots of learning opportunities, live support plus a Knowledge Base, and various events, all available to help you succeed. Plus, every member automatically gets free business leads and a package of marketing graphics as a bonus. We do encourage you to take advantage of the free trials to see how those professional products might increase your success. We also encourage you to only invest in tools that make sense for your business, and only if you need them.

Member Discounts are available for almost all Marketers LaunchPad-recommended products, services, and training, saving you up to 50% on some items. Discounts are valid as long as you remain a Marketers LaunchPad member and the cost will return to the standard rate when you leave. More discounts are available to members in the Marketplace on most items.

In a word: no, because Marketers LaunchPad does offer a 30-day free trial and we do not ask for a long-term contract; your card is only charged one month at a time so you can stop your payment if you ever feel you aren't getting enough value from Marketers LaunchPad (tell us why, though, we really do want to know!). In the unlikely event that you are zapped by a wizard or kidnapped by aliens, contact us and we'll consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

Marketers LaunchPad is a business incubator and accelerator for people who want to learn about and provide digital marketing services for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

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Marketers LaunchPad is the best investment you can make on your marketing journey!

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Marketers LaunchPad is the best investment you can make on your marketing journey!